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Wivtak brand


Wivtak BrandIs the company’s flagship brand in the company’s development history, has the role of continuity, carrying the company brilliant dreams for the future, it is OEM / ODM products backed by a strong guarantee. Technology and innovation as a concept, the pursuit of individual style, stylish appearance. Products with high-precision manufacturing techniques, complex advanced surface treatment technology, solid and reliable electro-acoustic technology, excellent quality, outstanding features, chic styling kit to become a leader in the mobile terminal. Specific products include a wide range of headphones, beautifully data lines, durable and reliable mobile power charger and so on.

Wei hu brand


Fox brand ViagraIs the company’s market-leading brands pathway, providing consumers with the most cost-effective multi-functional headset products. To keep pace with the application for the purpose, the pursuit of fashion style, to ensure practical function. Products with profound experience in ergonomic design and fashion color, shape, giving users comfortable, convenient and beautiful visual experience a sense of double enjoyment. High-precision molds, flexible surface treatment technology, mature and stable electro-acoustic technology to compact design, practical features, rich colors with a versatile headset comer.

With the overall pattern of the consumer electronics market changes, the headset features are rapidly extended, using the company’s innovative experiences in the field of headphones, ergonomic design experience accumulated achievements, Wei Fox brand headphones functional orientation, design and wearing comfort aspects is greatly improved, consumers can continue to meet the public headset personalized functional requirements.

Granville Fox to blend the concept of multi-technology, the user experience for the pilot to comply with its series of products to design and practical functions of fashion design as a starting point, continue to break with tradition, a positive innovation, will become favored by the mass consumer market headphone brand.